"Staying at Goolwa Beach and with Philip teaching myself and children to surf was not only educational but a whole lot of fun as well.  The experience of surfing with my children was a fantastic bonding experience….."
                Lee, Father of 5


"I have not been in the ocean a great deal but Phil was a great teacher and now I surf all the time with my friends.  It’s a great way to get fit and have fun…."
                                Naomi, Student


"For our sales people to stay at Goolwa Beach and have Phil train us for surfing was a “therapy” and bonding session that I recommend for any workplace….."
                David, Sales Manager

"I tried surfing a little bit when I was young, but with work and family I never pursued it. Since I  have retired and have time for lessons, Philip has taught me  a method to stand up easily and with other helpful tips I'm having a ball."
              Duncan, Retiree