About Me...

Phil Ball has been surfing most of his life and is one of the most experienced surfers teaching surfing on the south coast and is an internationally accredited A.S.I level 1 surfing instructor.

Phil has taught hundreds of people to surf and has his Surf Rescue and CPR Certificate, Senior First Aid Certificate and Education Department of SA and Catholic Archdiocese Police Check Certificate. 

Phil has also been a teacher of Taekwondo since 1982 which provides him with a knowledge and experience of teaching.

When did you start surfing?
  At 8 years of age.

What’s your favourite surfboard?
  I like them all.  I ride a:

  • 5ft 3in diamond tail thruster
  • 7ft 3in Gravelle gun
  • 9ft 1in Bonga performance Mal
  • Original 9ft 6in – 1963 Ron Malibu.

What's your favourite car?
  A  1980 CM Chrysler Valiant with a  265 hemi engine.

What’s your favourite meal?
  Noodle stirfry.

What’s your favourite music?
Jeff Butler, Jack Johnson and Coldplay.

Most memorable surf experience?
  Margaret River.

Why do you surf?
    Because it’s fun and a great way to keep fit.